Understanding Life Insurance-Unclaimed

Courtesy of http://www.iii.org/article/unclaimed-life-insurance-benefits Sometimes life insurance benefits are left unclaimed after a policyholder dies. This is an unfortunate problem under any circumstances, but especially now, when many people are struggling financially. What is more, this is an easily preventable outcome. To ensure that your life insurance benefits do not go unclaimed it is important to

Facts on Distracted Driving

Courtesy of http://www.iii.org/fact-statistic/distracted-driving Activities that take drivers’ attention off the road, including talking or texting on cellphones, eating, conversing with passengers and other distractions, are a major safety threat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gauges distracted driving by collecting data on distraction-affected crashes, which focuses on distractions that are most likely to affect

Updates on Flood Insurance Changes

Standard homeowners and renters insurance does not cover flood damage. Flood coverage, however, is available in the form of a separate policy both from the National Flood Insurance Program – NFIP (888-379-9531) and from a few private insurers. The NFIP provides coverage for up to $250,000 for the structure of the home and $100,000 for

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Courtesy of http://www.iii.org/press-release/spring-is-motorcycle-season-and-time-to-check-your-bike-has-the-right-insurance-coverage-031816 Marking the start of spring, motorcycle enthusiasts gathered this month at a rally in Daytona Beach, Florida, and will do so again in June in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. But do they have the right insurance coverage? Motorcycle insurance is a must for any avid biker, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). “Auto

Florida Hit & Run Accidents

Courtesy of http://www.insuringflorida.org/hit-and-run-crashes-still-problematic/ Hit-and-run crashes in Florida are holding steady; it is the same challenging problem it always has been. The Florida Highway Patrol reports more than 92,000 hit-and-run crashes in 2015. Those crashes brought 19,000 injuries and 186 fatalities. More than half of those fatalities were pedestrians. Why do people run away from a

Spring is Here-Motorcycle Insurance!

Courtesy of http://www.iii.org/article/motorcycle-insurance. Choosing the right insurance policy is much like choosing the right motorcycle. You want it to fit your needs and lifestyle, but at the same time be within your budget. Although most states require you to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage, other types of coverage are usually optional. Always ask

Women Business Owners & Insurance

Courtesy of http://www.iii.org/press-release/what-do-women-business-owners-want-credible-accurate-insurance-advice-022616 Women have made great strides in the business world in the past few decades. And business insurance is essential to protecting their hard-earned capital, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). Forty years ago women owned just 5 percent of all small businesses in the United States. Today, they own one-third, generating