Restaurant & Bar Insurance in Florida

Running a restaurant isn’t very easy. Between clients, personnel & vendors, there are many moving parts that enter into running a profitable restaurant or bar.

What is Restaurant Business Insurance?

Florida Restaurant InsuranceWe understand dining establishments- whichever niche you are in. Our restaurant insurance and restaurant guaranty bond choices are created to fulfill the one-of-a-kind requirements of Fla dining establishments. Whether your restaurant is elegant, fashionable, traditional, ethnic, or home-style we have the package deal for you. Connect America Insurance has top coverage and also the most affordable prices bundles for all types of dining establishments.

As a restaurant proprietor, your expertise is in creating a great dining experience for your customers. In order to continue doing that, your restaurant requires sufficient restaurant insurance coverage to mitigate risks. A restaurant policy provides an all-in-one building property insurance, worker’s compensation, liability insurance, automobile insurance as well as business disruption insurance, plus a host of specialized policies to meet your unique needs.

As an independent broker, who collaborates with many restaurant in Florida and throughout the U.S., we’ve dealt with our carriers to develop insurance programs for the following sorts of dining establishments:

  • Restaurant Insurance
  • Bar Insurance
  • Catering Insurance
  • Deli Insurance
  • Food Delivery Insurance
  • Lounge Insurance
  • Pizza Delivery Insurance
  • Pub Insurance
  • Tavern Insurance

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You will be amazed at how affordable it is to protect your financial investment.

Unexpected disasters can occur any day in your restaurant. We are sure you have already thought about all the important things that could fail at your restaurant:

  • fires in the kitchen area
  • power outages or plumbing problems
  • trips, slips, & falls
  • criminal activity
  • inebriated customers
  • employee fraud
  • injuries to customers or staff members

Events like these could cause claims for considerable damages. This could leave you encountering significant legal costs. Without restaurant insurance coverage, you could be out of business.

There are various other risks too. Suppose your restaurant has to shut for repairs after a fire or various other damages? What if an electrical power loss damages the food in your freezer? Correct insurance coverage will get you through these tragic occasions.

And don’t forget anyone with employees needs workers compensation insurance as part of your restaurant insurance plan.

Fla Restaurant Insurance 101

Restaurant insurance protection includes basic company security and  includes one-of-a-kind coverage, including:

Alcohol Liability– Provides insurance coverage for physical injury or property damages for which you could become lawfully responsible as the outcome of contributing to an individual’s intoxication. This insurance coverage is offered by a different policy and covers facilities in the business of production, selling, distributing, or offering liquors for a fee. This direct exposure is not covered under a basic liability policy.

Food Contamination Liability Insurance-As the restaurant proprietor, you are accountable for the food you put in front of your consumers. If one of your customers were to sustain a food related health problem, this claim can come back to you. With food contamination liability insurance, you obtain the protection you require.

Business Income-Natural disasters can interrupt power for weeks, as well as infrastructure renovations and other situations which cause you to close your doors for business. Business revenue insurance provides you protection for these less common but very damaging occasions.

Parking Lot Liability-Your clients will be spending time in your parking lot, both before and after their visit to your facility.

Legal Defense Expenses-the chances of having legal action taken against you have increased in our litigious society
Our guidance can prevent a lawsuit from turning into a financial calamity by providing Legal Defense coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance for Restaurants– Workers Comp Insurance allows restaurants and bars to pay benefits to workers that are hurt on duty.

Limited Restaurant License Bonds-Many restaurants use a limited liquor license. With a limited liquor license, the restaurant guarantees that their primary focus will be on offering food to customers which alcohol is merely subordinate. This aids to differentiate them from a bar or tavern that would need a full liquor license. In the process of applying for such a license, a restaurateur is often required to provide a bond to act as a guarantee of their authorized promise to comply with the terms of the licensing agreement. License bonds guarantee that specific demands or actions will be carried out and in the case of of non-compliance, provides a payout from bond coverage

Plus-Standard protections such as business building insurance, basic liability insurance, and more.

Our knowledge of the diverse ways to tailor your insurance program is just one of the advantages of working with Connect America Insurance, an independent insurance agency. We represent multiple service providers who specialize in restaurant insurance coverage.

Ask us about our special programs for Fla Bars, Taverns & Pubs and also Pizza Delivery Solutions.